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How watching Shark Tank can help you with your business

Ok first I will admit I am a diehard fan of @SharkTank But as a person who has helped many of a small business in the last 20 years and having no degree I can tell you that just watching this show can help you understand business concepts better. Not everyone who goes into business […]

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Using Freedom of Speech to cause a Brand to be responsible for its actions

I am a big believer in freedom of speech. I believe with the invention of WordPress and the ability to write about things you have a new opportunity to complain about companies that may have done you wrong. While there are many websites out there to post your complaints and many government bodies I think […]

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Keyword and site Optimization, Search Engine Submit, Ranking

Axandra SEO Software Download size: 6.3 MB – Version 12.0.4 IBP runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8. Works with Google’s new February 2014 ranking algorithm. Axandra SEO SoftwareI know that starting a new website is a bit of a challenge, but if you are looking to get your website ranked properly you should be taking […]

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Getting New Subscribers for your blog ? Beware of SEO Tactics

I review new users to my blog very frequently. While I would love to allow anyone and everyone to register for the websites I have created (over 1,000). It becomes very apparent that the majority of the people signing up are not even people, they are robots. They are using automated systems to signup at […]

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Buyer Beware – Work at home Schemes

Have you heard the story if its too good to be true then it must be ? I know that we are in a recovering economy and latest changes in policies for companies regarding insurance and pay wages means there will be more people looking for work soon. Anything that promises you can make a […]

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Google policy update – Affiliate link websites

I think this latest update from Google is long overdue. There have been low quality websites up for a long time that just had advertisement links and offer no value to the internet. The entire purpose of these websites is to get a customer to click on their affiliate link to purchase a product. I […]

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Custom Real Estate WordPress theme

As a full-time  freelance WordPress developer I love a good challenge. When real estate agent comes to me and says hey I have properties that I have nobody to purchase them they often tell me about the troubles they have with their real estate company’s current website programs that they used to post the properties. […]

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Membership WordPress Websites

I have created quite a few membership websites over the years. When my last big project was expecting your migrating three different membership systems and one using different video subscription and payment systems. This was for a trading firm in downtown Chicago. Was a fun project to work on and there was a big team […]

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Sonata Update 2.5

Sonata WordPress Theme Update 2.5 Well, I have been extremely business the last few months putting together websites at the end of 2013 that I had a limited amount of time to work on my own projects. I was however able to add some new features to Sonata. So now we are up to version […]

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Chicago Custom WordPress Theme Development

Happy 2014 I am very excited about some of the work I have been working on for the past 7 years. Let alone the fact that I have been development WordPress websites from Scratch for 10 years. Why from Scratch and not one you buy from Themeforrest.com ?  WordPress themes from themeforrest are great starting […]

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